Contemporary Chronicles

Artists: Anita Cooke, Carlos Setti, Cathy Jacobs, Kaori Maeyama, Nonney Oddlokken, Nurhan Gokturk, Peter Barnitz, Sara Madandar and Suzanna Scott

"Contemporary Chronicles" by nine visionary artists transcends boundaries, exploring diverse themes with innovative approaches. The exhibition, a testament to artistic evolution, invites viewers to engage in an immersive experience reflecting the interconnected nature of our world, urging a redefined understanding of the contemporary narrative and encouraging participation in exploring collective consciousness.


Textile Expressions

Artists: Cathy Jacobs, Courtney Cox, Kristina Penhoet, Ruben Marroquin, Mariana Porto, Samantha Ortiz and Star Trauth

"Textile Expressions" unveils the vibrant world of contemporary textile art with works by seven artists redefining traditions. From intricate fiber sculptures challenging form perception to textiles with digital elements, the exhibition explores themes like identity and sustainability. It celebrates textile art's rich legacy while anticipating its promising future, sparking conversations about artistic expression and narratives within American art history.

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