Contemporary Chronicles
Jan 13 - Fev 29, 2024

"Contemporary Chronicles" reveals a dynamic panorama of artistic narratives through the works of nine visionary artists who transcend conventional boundaries in their exploration of contemporary themes. This exhibition is a testament to the diverse and innovative approaches employed by these artists when dealing with the complexities of the present moment. From abstract expressions challenging perceptions of reality to artworks that conceptually provoke reflection, each artist brings a unique voice to the exhibition, enriching the contemporary discussion on the importance of artistic creation. As visitors traverse the gallery space, they will find a harmonious perspective, shedding light on social changes, personal stories, and the ever-evolving dialogue between tradition and modernity.

"Contemporary Chronicles" not only captures the spirit of our time but also anticipates the potential for artistic evolution. From traditional canvases echoing the timeless strokes of artistic mastery to digital works that push the boundaries of creativity, the exhibition invites viewers to foster an immersive experience that reflects the diverse and interconnected nature of our world. Through this collective journey, the artists urge us to question, reflect, and perhaps redefine our understanding of the contemporary narrative. By intertwining their distinct experiences in the "Contemporary Chronicles" exhibition, they invite us to participate in the exploration of the nuances of stories shaping our collective consciousness.

Contemporary Chronicles reveals a dynamic blend of traditional and innovative elements in art, transcending boundaries with a vibrant mosaic.

Rodrigo Franzão



Textile Expressions: A Journey Through American Art
Sept 23 - Nov 30, 2023

Textile Expressions: A Journey Through American Art” invites you to explore the vibrant and innovative world of contemporary textile art. This exhibition features the works of seven artists who are redefining traditional notions of textile craftsmanship. Through their inventive and thought-provoking pieces, these artists explore a diverse range of themes and techniques. From intricate fiber sculptures challenging our perception of form and space to textiles infused with digital elements, they blur the lines between tradition and innovation. “Textile Expressions” offers a captivating window into the ways in which textiles serve as both a medium for artistic expression and a means to engage with contemporary issues, such as identity, sustainability, and technology.

By showcasing these talented artists, the exhibition not only celebrates the rich legacy of textile art but also anticipates its promising future. “Textile Expressions” invites viewers to immerse themselves in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary textile art, where tradition harmoniously coexists with innovation, and where threads from the past interweave seamlessly with the possibilities of the present and the future. Through this journey, we aim to ignite conversations about the expanding horizons of artistic expression within the realm of textiles and the compelling narratives they continue to weave within the history of American art.

This exhibition celebrates the rich legacy of textile art while anticipating its promising future, where innovation seamlessly merges with tradition.

Rodrigo Franzão
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